Our Mission is to restore simplicity, capacity and trust
to digital communications
for enterprises and individuals.

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Scayl does not use the legacy email network, so you can send files or folders of any size - up to 1 TB. We have successfully and securely sent a 110 GB movie across the Internet.

Bypassing the Cloud, Scayl messages cannot be snooped on by ad-based services. Plus, all messages are strongly encrypted end-to-end, ensuring the highest levels of security.

When you hit "send" Scayl creates an ad-hoc mesh network between sender and receivers. We are 7.5X faster than the "boxes" and 2.6X faster than Aspera, at a fraction of the cost.

Because email is limited to 20MB, businesses are at risk by putting their most sensitive files in the cloud. Scayl will become the first HIPAA and FINRA compliant messaging service.

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secure, ​private and no-limits messaging. 

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